#Sidman Project

Through the Sidman Campaign we aim to raise and reinforce awareness of race relations while also addressing the impact of racial implicit & explicit biases.

We will not only work with Oglethorpe University's faculty and students but with the greater Atlanta community in our initiatives towards creating an environment of racial inclusivity and learning. 

Lynwood Park Foundation

 We developed a plan to connect people of different cultures in a very real way.  We decided to use the power of stories and images to raise awareness and build bridges beyond the Oglethorpe University walls.  We connected with the Lynwood Park community, Dekalb County’s oldest African American neighborhood.  We formally open the Lynwood Park photo gallery, our gift to the entire Brookhaven community.  We hosted an event for Lynwood Park community members to share their personal and inspiring stories of persistence in the face of adversity.  We hope you, yourself are inspired to share these stories in your daily life, and to take action to create a more inclusive environment in the spaces you visit.  

Out In the Open

The Goal for Out in the Open is to reach more people in the community by encouraging intercultural communication and understanding through anonymous message sharing within the Brookhaven community. We want to spread our message outside of Oglethorpe University.


Dedicated to Diversity Cohort
The Dedicated to Diversity Cohort initiative aims to encourage students to explore deeper issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion while acting as intercultural influencers on campus. This campaign will follow 8 students on their journey of self-awareness and growth in their dialogic skills through a campus-wide project.

Objective 1: Sponsor 8 students to take the Intercultural Development Inventory test and complete the 6 month changemakers program. We also host monthly dinners for the group to discuss their progress and what they are learning. 

Objective 2: Launch instagram account chronically what the students are learning and gain attention from the rest of the OU student population. 

︎ https://www.instagram.com/d2d_oglecohort/ 

We’re hosting a panel from 12:15-12:55pm in the Trustee Room. 

Short Film Contest
Our goal for the short film contest is to provide a platform in which the Oglethorpe community can address racial injustice in students' lived experiences and encourage intercultural understanding or awareness through the film.

Partnering with the annual OU short film contest, Last Looks, we sponsored a category with a prize to the top three winners. We also funded a red carpet and food for the event. 

Category theme: What does culture mean to you?

Blank Canvas Project
By installing an open platform for Oglethorpe students to engage in intercultural dialogue with their peers and professors, this campaign aims to encourage intercultural communication and understanding through the format of anonymous message sharing.

We are presenting our Blank Canvas project at the Spring Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium. We are presenting on Friday 11:2:30pm in the TLCC, the Academic Quad, and in Cousins. 

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